Everything is frustrating.

My laptop isn’t working and I’m getting Internet time kinda sparingly. Yesterday, I sat in here on my mum’s computer watching the entire first season of Rizzoli & Isles (which I am now in love with), though, so that was nice. I’ve been spending most of my time in my room today watching Taboo because we have National Geographic free on our TV for like, a month or something. I was watching the Jobs episode and there was a bit about anthropologists and stuff who work at a body farm and some student was cutting off a piece of a cadaver’s foot and I was kinda like, “I don’t find this as gross as maybe I should.”

But yeah, my laptop… I’m just worried sick and I just want to be able to get myself a new one and have the one I have now working until that time so that I know I’ll be able to get all my stuff off my old one and onto a new one. I just… if I lost all my writing… I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m a writer. It’s what I do. I don’t just write because I want to, I write because I need to write and not everything gets put in my notebooks anymore. Most of it is on my laptop. About half of it is fanfiction but even that will break my heart to lose. Especially my WIPs that are really long and finished fic that I’ve spent time polishing the fuck out of. This whole thing is making me so stressed out that I’m just on edge and even when my mum jokes around with me I’m basically just like :| “Please stop.” UGHHHHH.

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